30 May 2019

Having a baby gives me a lot less time to write this at home now, so I've combined two months Ad Picks in this post, as my son sleeps behind me.

This month I've got two great TVC spots and two outdoor posters to share. Enjoy.

I'll start with this fantastic line 'Don't wait for movies to get old' for Canal + (the French TV channel). You can have so much fun with it and they have recreated parts of Mission Impossible with elderly people doing the action in slow motion. Very well casted too.

I love the art direction is this next McDonalds ad. Making this many elements work together in one image is always tricky and they've pulled it off brilliantly. Bravo.

What a striking image this next one is, pure visual. One for L├╝rzer's Archive.
I'll leave you with this fun and slightly creepy spot. I don't want to give it away, so I'm not saying anymore who it is for.

 He's starting to wake up, so I'll see you in June.


25 Apr 2019

We installed multiple decals over pavement cracks in high pedestrian traffic areas to encourage visitation to Perth Zoo over the Easter holiday period.

Keep an eye out for them if you're around South Perth over the next couple of weeks.


3 Apr 2019

I missed my deadline by a couple of days. I've got a good excuse though as March has been a life changing month for my family with my wife giving birth to our first child, Theo at the start of the month.

Let's get cracking into the ads.

The first spot is very Wes Anderson esque, shall I say anymore?

The second spot is another brand creating a product, not an ad. They've created the Fire Vase, a flower vase that acts as a fire extinguisher, so when you throw it onto a fire the chemicals inside it put the fire out. The impact it has on the fire really surprised me, in a good way.

I hope this saves a lot of peoples lives and I can see them picking up some international awards for this one.

The last ad this month is this strong print campaign  'Belt Survivors', showing you even the tough guys wear seatbelts. The photography is really striking in the whole series and it stood out for me.

I hope you'e enjoyed this months delayed post. See you at the end of this month.


26 Feb 2019

Welcome to February's Ad Picks.

I want to start this month with a new Nike Italy spot from W&K London, it's a fast paced ad with one of the best music tracks in an ad I've seen in a while. The track carries along awesome footage with some interesting transitions between each scene (the football one is great).

I felt like I had to watch this ad back to back to take the whole ad in.

It was also the month of the Super Bowl. I felt none of the ads topped previous years ads. I enjoyed the Hyundai ad with Jason Bateman, the Amazon spot and I thought the HBO with Bud Light was clever with the upcoming Game of Thrones Season.

But I felt Skittles had the most fun with 'Broadway the Rainbow', I really hope it does become a Broadway show. I'm not sure if it's as good last years though, when they made a movie and only showed it to one person. What was your favourite Super Bowl ad this year?

You have to read this long copy ad for Refuge in the UK about domestic violence. Read it first from top to bottom, then read it from bottom to top. It's incredibly well written and engaging enough to read the whole thing twice.

I wanted to leave you with a fun spot that will make you smile. I reckon when the creative team presented this to the client they just said 2 phases  - Pimp my ride and cute pets.

See you in March.


27 Jan 2019

I hope you had a great break. Let's jump straight into 2019 with the first of many Ad Picks.

The first isn't so much an ad, but this will save thousands if not millions of lives. It's scary that people can 3D print guns undetected. This company along with TBWA put a stop to it in a clever undetected way.

Geico have created this funny ad where they want you to vote for their favourite ad for your chance to appear in their upcoming ad. I'm looking forward to their next ad now.

The whole styling for the ad is very well crafted. I just wish they would start selling the product.

This next ad poses an interesting question and brings it to life in a strong way. 1 in 3 businesses in the UK have been hacked. We all think cyber problems are online issues and don't think how it effects the people offline.

AMV BBDO London have hacked this real life bike shop creating a clone of it and hitting them with same problems online companies get - robbing them of their ideas and inventions.

See you in Feb.


29 Dec 2018

Welcome to the last of 2018's Ad picks. I hope you've enjoyed reading them this year.

Burger King and McDonald's rivalry has been going on for a long time and this takes it up another notch from Burger King. Customers could get a free Whopper if they had the Burger King app, but they had to order it right next to McDonald's. A very bold move, let's see what McDonald's return serve with.

The reaction from the McDonald's staff are priceless in the campaign video.

I just watched Home Alone for the first time in a long time and this ad came along a week later. A fun modern version of the film with Google Assist. Not much Kevin had to do this time, it's well produced and it's a coup getting Macaulay Culkin.

See you in 2019.


28 Nov 2018

I can't believe it's nearly the end of 2018.

The John Lewis Christmas ad is one of the most anticipated ads of the year and it delivered again this year. Although, if someone didn't tell me it was a John Lewis ad before hand, it could have been a trailer for the Elton John film coming out next year.

Anyway, you've probably already seen it, so I wanted to share this 'John Lewis' spot for Twitter. They have found Mr John Lewis, who got the the Twitter handle @johnlewis before them.

They've jumped on the bandwagon of the whole John Lewis ad in a fun way. It makes you imagine the amount of tweets he gets, especially around Christmas. His phone would be dinging every second.

This next spot is for Monopoly, if it was real life. Filmed as if it was a real police station with the cells and interview room. It has all the lovely touches from the game from the get out of jail card to being bankrupt 3 years running then buying a hotel.

This one, I spotted as soon as I finished writing October ad picks and I really want to share it. It's for Volvo trucks who have created some multi award winning work in the past couple of years.

They enlisted hard man Dolph Lundgren to train up the trucks in a circuit style class, with an amazing  production and tech team. My favourite is the truck doing a pull up. It really does show off the power of these vehicles and what incredible things they can do.

Paris is known for its landmarks and they have a lot of tourist shops selling tourist tat and also miniature statues of their key sites. Centre Pompidou wasn't one of them and was missing out on tourists visiting them so they created their own and spread them around the city's shops. It's a clever way to get people talking about them.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and watching these 4 ads in this month's ad picks. Have a great Christmas and I'll be sharing the last one of the year before the year's out.