26 Sep 2017

Welcome to September's edition of Ad Picks.

Can you remember any of the room layouts from the the recent IKEA catalogue? Me neither.  IKEA have discovered this lady who can memorise the whole catalogue from cover to cover.  You can question her on anything - like which page has a lady who needs an eye doctor. It's certainly a different, fun way for IKEA to show off their catalogue and I love it.

The energy on this next ad for H&M is fast paced (after a slow start) and exciting. It shows off their Fall collection in an engaging way in a karaoke bar music video. The music track will get you tapping along, it's got some nice touches like the sing a long sub titles and the mike drop at the end.

I wanted to share a print ad last month, but I didn't find one I wanted to share. But this month I found this lovely simple and fun print visual. The aardvark is a perfect animal choice and I like how the copy is kept on the eraser.

I hope you've had a great month and I'll posting October's Ad Picks towards the end of next month.


29 Aug 2017

Welcome to August's edition of Ad Picks.

I'm really liking the type treatment in this first ad I'm sharing this month for The Telegraph Newspaper. It uses existing footage (some of which have been used many times before) in a fresh and engaging way with the typography.

Imagine getting a brief from a client with a budget like this ad. If you love sport (like me) you'll love it, if you don't just skip to the next one.

This next ad called 'Heist' shows that your identity is the most important thing you have, even more than money. It's quite an intense watch, but very truthful.

Ever wondered what Donald Trump see's on his Twitter feed? Wait no longer as The Washington Post have created this Twitter page retweeting every tweet from the accounts the real Donald Trump follows. Check it out:

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share it with someone who would enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of September for next month's edition of Ad Picks.


31 Jul 2017

Welcome to July's edition of Ad Picks. This month I'm sharing a few fun ads that will make you smile on a Monday morning.

The first ad I'm sharing this month is a print ad for Lego called 'Build futures'. Lego has lasted so many generations and I can't see it slowing down at all. I love the simplicity in the ad and the kid growing into that future role.

Kia have been using hamsters in their ads in the last couple of years and they've found a fun way to introduce a new car ultilizing the hamsters. I don't want to give too much away but: ace of spades and babies.

Meat and Livestock Australia have created some cracking ads in previous years for Lamb (if you haven't seen them, check them out). They've released this singing ad for beef, claiming it's the best meat on earth, can you argue against them? My favourite part is 25 seconds in.

More airlines have been making their safety videos their ads since the success of Air New Zealand's ones. So now it's British Airways turn, who in conjunction with Comic Relief have got their hands on some fantastic British talent. It's all held brilliantly together with a director in the ad who doesn't know some of them and is in love with the others.

I've watched it many times; make sure you watch it until the end to see Mr Bean.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share it with someone who would enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of August for next month's edition of Ad Picks.


4 Jul 2017

A new campaign about bowel cancer awareness for Cancer Council WA was recently launched.

Bowel Cancer is the number two cause of cancer deaths in Australia, yet an alarming percentage of people aren't using the free screening kit that gets mailed to them when they turn 50. Fear is a major barrier on two fronts; people are either afraid to face their poo (literally), or they're worried of what the test might find.

Here is the 45 second TVC below:

Agency: Gatecrasher Advertising
Client: Cancer Council WA
Art Directors: Henry Billington, Michael D'Silva
Copywriter: Adam Barker
Digital production: Scott Pelham, Jackey Leung
Sound: Brainestorm
Engineers: Mike Fragomeni, Justin Braine
Strategic Planner: Sophie Lawrence
Digital Planner: Aimee Binstead
Account team: Tony Scampoli, Emma Lambert, Joe Ferrante
Client: Melissa Ledger, Shannon Wagner


28 Jun 2017

Welcome back to June's edition of Ad Picks.

This first ad has a lot of craft to it. This is a beautifully shot ad for Lacoste of a man's quest throughout the decades, following a girl, with the fashion changing as the years do. The energy and the transitions through the years are very well thought out and it will keep you hooked throughout. See if you can spot the one piece of clothing that's in most of the years.

When I watched this next interactive ad/stock savour, I was so happy. Getty images have created this app that recognises your drawings and will show you photos that could/should match your drawing. If this worked it could save me hours going through stock sites.

These animations for Uber caught my eye when I was visiting London a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed watching how these illustrated characters moved between A and B in fun ways.




I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share it with someone who would enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of July for next month's edition of Ad Picks.


29 May 2017

Welcome back to May's edition of Ad Picks. There have been a lot of great ads this month and I could have shared quite a few, but I limited myself to these three great ones.

I'll start with this interactive campaign for T-Mobile. They have released a really cool app which uses the camera on your phone to transform anything in their magenta logo colour into exclusive content. They even got the band Gorillaz involved, which gave people a reason to see their exclusive content. It's a great use of technology, owning the magenta colour and I'm pretty excited to give it a go.

'My dog is my medicine' when I'm stressed and this ad shares that message. Royal Canin used this ad to spread the message about abandoned dogs seeking homes in the pound. They have transformed a pharmacy into a Furmacy for a day. When people came to buy a drug, such as Paracetamol the pharmacist told them about dogs' healing properties and the idea went all the way down to the products in the store.

The reactions of the people when they bring out dogs at the end are brilliant and I hope a lot of dogs got new homes. A great way to share the message.

I'll leave you this month with a fun ad by Apple named 'Barbers'. It made me smile all the way through and I really enjoyed the edit, especially the cuts from the people in the chair to their photographs on the wall.

It made me want the iPhone 7 Plus even more than I already did and I think it was a factor in me buying one at the weekend.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share it with someone who would enjoy it too. Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of June for next month's edition of Ad Picks.


27 Apr 2017

Welcome back to April's edition of Ad Picks. 

This month has been a super busy one for me, so the timing of the public holiday this week (in Australia) was great to see what ads there have been to share with you and these are a couple that really stood out for me.

The first is a TVC that I watched a couple of times, as it really got my attention (you'll want to watch it twice too). It starts by showing a few different scenes of a solider on a battlefield. Then we get hit by the messaging and we get shown all of the sounds in the first scenes are actually noises we hear in our everyday lives e.g balloons popping, drilling and fireworks.

Remember how some of these noises startle us in life and then think how it must be for a war veteran as it may trigger a difficult memory from the battlefield. It's powerful and it really makes you think.

This next one is a digital outdoor piece that catches unaware pedestrians crossing the road on a red. As they cross the road without looking there is an adshel next to the crossing that makes a loud sound of a car breaking in an emergency. The adshel also takes a photograph of them looking shocked and it shows them the picture with the messaging 'Don't take the risk to face death'.

As you can imagine people jump out of their skin, thinking that they're about to be hit by a car. It's a nice use of the medium, the messaging comes across well and it's a strong case study video too.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share it with your friends. Please keep your eyes out for the May blog post towards the end of the month.