25 Sep 2011

I'm very keen on digital. More recently I've been excited by QR codes, I know they have been around for quite a while, but now I've spotted some that are starting to get a bit more interesting.

Here is a recent favourite created by Disney.

I like this Disney one as the've integrated the QR code into the poster rather nicely. Rather than being lazy like so many other advertisers that just dump them down in the corner of the poster as an afterthought.

Here is a helpful article, which is about how much of the QR code you can edit, with it still working.

Here is a another totally different one from the one above from the BBC. They use footage behind the QR code for a teaser for The Fades. Sweet idea, but I'm not sure how many people will enjoy it as much as digital lovers like myself. Because it does cover up a lot of the footage. I'd like to see the numbers of how many people scan it.

I'm enjoying that the big brands such as Disney and the BBC experimenting so much, fingers crossed this is just the start. I usually share exciting digital ideas that I find on my Twitter page: http://twitter.com/#!/henrybill

I've just put one on my website sadly not as creative as the two above. But it's on my contact page, so no longer copying my mobile number from the screen and calling someone random. Here it is below:

The last thing to leave you with is a

QR Code Tip: Not to scan one on a night out.

As I've seen ones now that link to PayPal and that could be an expensive round.