28 Mar 2017

Welcome back to March's edition of Ad Picks. 

This month I've got an interactive ad, a print ad and I'm ending this post with a fun online video.

This is a fun GPS game to keep the kids quiet on the way to Legoland in Florida. Whilst the parents are driving, this app theme's their real time route with characters, games and fun trivia along the way. It's using digital for the right reasons and I think many parents will enjoy their drive to Legoland a lot more now.

I hope they expand it to the other Legoland locations too.

I bet you've already seen this one shared over your Facebook feeds, but I still really wanted to share it being a fan of the Mad Men series. Many ads were created in the series, but bringing one of them from our screens to reality is genius; this story has had so much PR around it.

It's a win/win for the client and the series, giving people nostalgia about the series and making people watch it again. It would be interesting to see if the viewing figures have gone up for the Mad Men series on Netflix.

Adobe always seem to produce great ads, past ads have been 'click, baby. click' and 'the launch' (click on either of the names to watch them). They've produced the goods again with a spot named 'Hovering art directors'. It's promoting the Adobe stock imagery range, whilst having fun with the working relationships of designers and art directors. I hope we're not this bad.

This blog is quite old now, but it's very funny, topical and worth a reshare:

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share with your friends. Please keep your eyes out for the April blog post towards the end of the month.