30 Apr 2018

Welcome back to April's Ad Picks.

I want to start this month with this super cool Nike shoe launch. In Shanghai, Nike created a retro game installation that scanned your face and turned you into the player. When you ran on the treadmill to try out the new shoes, you were the player. I love how running on the treadmill links to the digital world in a fun and engaging way.

Tesco in Malaysia have released this new reusable bag that helps keep less rubbish out of the sea. With illustrated sea animals on the bags, that are created out of barcodes. Shoppers received a discount off their shop every time it was used. It's a nice way to get people to reuse there bags more often and the bags are well illustrated too.

It has a lovely animated case study video too.

You might have to look twice, is it fire or fried chicken? But KFC has replaced fire with spicy chicken in these 3 clever print ads. My favourite is the race car, what about yourself?

I hope you enjoyed this month's post (sorry it was a little late).

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