22 May 2011

I finally got round to illustrating this watch that I got for Christmas from my brother. It's a paper watch from Suck Uk, a great gadget store if you haven't already checked them out: is the result. A big ben style front with a person trying to fix it on the strap.


11 May 2011

Last night was the private view for the Serco Prize of Illustration 2011, there where 50 illustrations a wide range of styles and sizes. It was fantastic to see my illustration hanging on the wall next to them all. Here are a few photo's from the evening.


10 May 2011

Today at work we had some Fire Marshall Training. It was pretty enjoyable, as they taught us with the helping hand of this controllable fire, which fire extinguisher to use for the right type of fire.

Whilst I was outside, the Rodge our freelance Art Director did this: