28 Apr 2022

Welcome to Ad Picks March/April Edition.

I used to love playing Tony Hawk's games as a kid, I never had good balance so stuck to the game. I like this clever activation playing on skateboarders scratching their boards, in this activation they scratch the board to reveal special hidden prizes.

This new Snickers ad made me laugh, a very awaked moment brought to life very well. A moment that I hope you never experience.

The classic Jeep grill. Using airplane windows this time, even though it's showing travel via planes, the scenes it shows makes you want to drive a Jeep on the other end of your flight. Clever, well done Jeep.

Walking your dog at night can be dangerous for both owner and drivers crossing the roads. I love these high vis fashion outfits for your dog to stand out and be saved.

A clever use of the McDonalds 'M'. this time promoting putting litter in the right place. Macca's bags are always on the streets, so it's great to see them putting a message out there like this.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.