27 Apr 2017

Welcome back to April's edition of Ad Picks. 

This month has been a super busy one for me, so the timing of the public holiday this week (in Australia) was great to see what ads there have been to share with you and these are a couple that really stood out for me.

The first is a TVC that I watched a couple of times, as it really got my attention (you'll want to watch it twice too). It starts by showing a few different scenes of a solider on a battlefield. Then we get hit by the messaging and we get shown all of the sounds in the first scenes are actually noises we hear in our everyday lives e.g balloons popping, drilling and fireworks.

Remember how some of these noises startle us in life and then think how it must be for a war veteran as it may trigger a difficult memory from the battlefield. It's powerful and it really makes you think.

This next one is a digital outdoor piece that catches unaware pedestrians crossing the road on a red. As they cross the road without looking there is an adshel next to the crossing that makes a loud sound of a car breaking in an emergency. The adshel also takes a photograph of them looking shocked and it shows them the picture with the messaging 'Don't take the risk to face death'.

As you can imagine people jump out of their skin, thinking that they're about to be hit by a car. It's a nice use of the medium, the messaging comes across well and it's a strong case study video too.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share it with your friends. Please keep your eyes out for the May blog post towards the end of the month.


11 Apr 2017

Last Friday night were the Campaign Brief awards in Perth, WA. It was a fantastic night at the Crown Towers Ballroom and we won best press campaign for St John Ambulance  'Play a Bigger Part' (the work is shared below). We also got finalist in the same category for our Livelighter 'Olympics' campaign too, see it here.