27 Sept 2020

Welcome to August/September Ad Picks. In these last two months there's been some of the best future award winning ads I've seen this year. So here's my picks.

Tourism New Zealand have created a walkthrough game to show off the amazing NZ. The craft is sensational and it's nice to see some real perspective shots in a tourism campaign (not another drone shot).  

It's a good structure to show off a lot of other assets and existing content that's on their website too.
I just wish it was a real game, that you could actually play.

This ambient campaign for KFC, 'you won't ever find 2 identical tenders' made me smile. I hope this was plastered along a whole street near a McDonalds.

I wish my commute to work on the train was this fun. This ad for Adobe Photoshop has some lovely details showing off the amazing artwork created in a virtual world being brought into our real world. The music track tops it though.

This next ad from Saatchi and Saatchi Australia is breathtaking in how this was achieved. I met this creative team on a course in Sydney last year and I'll take my hat to them; this is one of those ideas you really wish you'd done. This will be cleaning up award shows when everything is back to sort of normal.

I'll leave you this month with an actor who has never aged, Paul Rudd. Telling you to wear a mask, but in the most engaging way possible.

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20 Sept 2020

The West Australian newspaper brought back its popular 'Best in the West' creative competition, after its last outing in 2012. The brief was simple, showcase how good press advertising can be. Here's our concept for Perth Zoo. 

We didn't win, but it was a fantastic competition with some clever press ads. Rare won, congratulations.