26 Feb 2018

Welcome to February's Ad Picks.

The size of the first two ad budgets are huge, which puts pressure on it to be good work. Following them is a French ad, then a brand apolgising in an interesting way.

One of my favourite Super Bowl Ads this year was Amazon's Alexa ad (I loved the Crocodile Dundee one too, but it's been shared so much already online).

Alexa loses her voice and they need some stand ins. The talent and their lines is what makes this ad so amusing. Getting stars like Gordon Ramsey shouting at your cooking to Anthony Hopkins putting on his famous creepy voice is fantastic, it's worth watching a couple of times and sharing it with your friends.

This second campaign this month is from Nike 'Nothing beats a Londoner,' a 3 minute online video that's got style, pace, comedy and great CGI in an entertaining and fast paced video.

I love the humour in this next ad for the French TV channel CANAL+ sports, with a fan controlling the opposition fans with a voodoo doll. Imagine if somewhere someone has got a voodoo doll of every footballer. That's who they can blame when they fall over and miss an open goal.

KFC had a nightmare last week running out of chicken in the UK. Most other brands keep quiet until it's fixed, but not KFC, who came out with the bold and brave print ad.

I hope you enjoyed this month's Ad Picks and I hope to see you next month.