26 Nov 2020

Welcome to October/November's Ad Picks. I've been saving up ads for my blog over the last 2 months to share; these posts are now becoming every other month to give you more content.

A simple illustred ad, that's much bigger than an ad. It's a simple signal for those who need help from domestic violence, who can't ask for help. It's worth sharing, you could save someones life.

I love this Japanese ad. It is a beautifully crafted illustration to sell combs. I don't know what it says, but I don't care. Keep it simple, stupid.

This next ad hits a great insight, if you're watching a movie at home and you're doing something else (usually on your phone) at the same time, you always seem to miss the key scenes and the execution backs it up.

In this scenario a man is trying to iron a shirt, but keeps missing the key dying scene. It's played out by the actors in the scene with them reacting to him as if he's an annoying director. 

Now Amazon's Alexa can rewind the TV for you too. Brilliant.

Calm have recruited Joe Marler (England Rugby Union Prop) to share this message, at first you think it's just a nice graphic approach to what he's talking about, until you go back over the timeline to see the encrypted message. A clever use of YouTube.

Sony Playstation's remote graphics are their USP, so who else could do this clever ambient idea changing up some of the London Underground signs? It's a shame they're running when the UK is in massive lockdown again, but it seems to be getting some well deserved exposure online.

See you next month for my Christmas edition.