30 Apr 2020

I hope everyone's staying safe and sane at home.

I'll start with an old ad that's been remastered recently. Everyone loved the original Budweiser 'Wassup' ad and they've tweaked it to check in on a mate 'Buds support buds'. One of the best lines I've heard for a while.


Children's safety in cars is one of the most important things ever. I have a young son and his car seat has markers on it, when to change it the strap height and when he should be forward and backward facing.  I know you then put them in a booster seat, but for how long?

Well the Transport Accident Commission over in Victoria have created this very clever media placement on kids clothing tags to help with this. I hope someone like Target or Kmart pick this up and apply this to their children's clothing ranges.

We now all know IKEA's recipe to their meatballs. I love the simplicity following the style of their manuals. I might try it out, would you?

Stay safe and I'll see you next month.


10 Apr 2020

Earlier this week on a normal quarantined day at home the Campaign Brief Awards 2020 took place. Not like the normal show at Crown Towers this year, but instead hosted online. Well done to Martin Trevaskis for pulling it all together with everything happening right now.

We picked up Best of Year, Out of Home for our work for PTA - Trains come out of nowhere stunt (check it out below if you haven't seen it before) and also a Finalist in the Out of Home category for the Violence in Schools campaign.

Both campaigns were a massive team effort by everyone at Gatecrasher.