5 Dec 2022

Christmas ads seem to come out earlier every year, decorations and mince pies are out the day after Halloween. I wanted to share a few spots that have sparkled for me this year.

A lovely piece of storytelling about a dad bringing his child's favourite snow globe to life, it helps when you get Taika Waititi directing the spot.

Elf one of everyone's favorite Christmas film, has been used in the new ASDA supermarket spot. They've used the actual footage from the film and brought it into the ASDA store, clever. The rotoscoping would have been fun on this one.

Some of the John Lewis spots in the last few years haven't been as good as some of the first few, I've felt, but this one sits up there. I love the feeling of this spot, it feels very real and relatable to learning something new too. Making people more aware of adoption at the end is great.

The world cup happening around Christmas is strange, this ad from the betting company Paddy Power brings Christmas and football together in some very fun snippets. I love the flair up the Turkey.

Have a great break and thanks for reading.