27 Nov 2019


I'm back after a 4 week break to the UK visiting family. I've been busy catching up on ads over the last couple of weeks to create this combined October/November Ad Picks.

This month I've got 6 ads to share with you, but you'll have to wait until next month  for any Christmas ads, as I'll be sharing them in a Christmas Edition of Ad Picks.

The first piece is a problem I used to face a lot Skyping back to the UK before NBN came along. It's a lovely visual piece that looks like it could be a Jackson Pollack artwork, that leads you in to read the copy to realise it's for an internet provider.

This is one of the most powerful ads I've shared this year, it's a tough watch for a tough subject. It's shocking and sickening to find out that Filipino children are sexually abused by their own families.

Of course they couldn't show the actual events or even recreate parts of them. So to act out the abuse using teddy bears and dolls, whilst it still being this striking, is very clever thinking. It shocked me into sharing it too.

Illusion, a CGI and retouching studio in Bangkok (in the past decade have created multi award winning ads for Lego, KFC and Samsonite to name a few) have done it again. 

The craft in this is next level and the visual instantly screams out the benefit of it being powerful, whilst knowing it's a cleaning product without even looking at the product.

Australian and even the UK high streets are struggling with the rise of internet shopping, with many empty shopfronts. It starts to look a bit depressing seeing them everyday.

The Monkeys (this week being named B&T Agency of the Decade) have created this experience for CGU insurance, using these empty spaces to show people the potential.

It's a fun use of the empty walls using them as a blank canvas to excite people into creating their own venture. I hope it helps get the high streets looking healthy again.

The Berlin wall has created so many stories over the years and with the 30th anniversary of its demolition earlier this month, this video 'the voice of the wall' has been created using type from the wall itself.

The type leads you through a story from the wall's perpective in an engaging way that kept me hooked for the whole 2 minutes.

I just saw this ad this morning and this is one of my favourites this month through the comedy and how the funny storyline grows.

Squarespace have got Oscar the Grouch a website for his trash (that everyone finds stylish, inspired by some of Tracey Emin's work) that makes him become the biggest artist in the world. He's not happy about it though.

I'll see you in December for the Christmas edition of 'Ad Picks',

PADC 2019

22 Nov 2019

Earlier this month was the annual PADC award show of 2019.

Gatecrasher had a stellar night picking up 4 Silvers, 2 Bronzes and 2 Finalists. I was heailvy involved in all of of the projects, apart from 1 digital Bronze winner, won by our digital lead Scott Pelham for DFES.

Our winners were:

2 Silvers, Transit, Individual and Ambient//Guerrilla
Perth Zoo - Zoorassic Park

1 Silver, Outdoor,  Individual
Department of Education - Violence in Schools

1 Silver, Ambient//Guerrilla
Perth Zoo - What's crackin' these school holidays?

1 Bronze, Ambient//Guerrilla
PTA - Trains come out of nowhere

1 Finalist, Interactive OOH, Individual
PTA - Trains come out of nowhere

1 Finalist, Outdoor,  Individual
PTA - Misjudged by this much