30 Jul 2018

Welcome to July's Ad Picks. This month I'm sharing with you two very strong stats brought to life really well and I'm ending this months post with a funny spot.

The first one is a shocking statistic about domestic violence around football matches and in this case particularly in England. It's a clever way to bring awareness to this stat in outdoor. I saw this ad got a lot of exposure worldwide, so I hope that by raising awareness of domestic violence, it will be stopped.

This next one is an interesting F1 fact brought to life in a beautiful way. Relating the G Force in an F1 car to something people can relate to with boxers is clever. It feels quite arty the way it's shot which I love.

What can Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) do wrong? Lynx New Zealand follow up their ad from earlier this year with Humphrey switching to Lynx NZ from Lynx Australia and he now has an Aussie rival.

It's a very funny spot and it pokes fun at the recent ball tampering scandal. I hope Lynx NZ continue this series with Julian Dennison, as they're on to a winner here.

I hope you enjoyed this month's blog post. I hope you have an awesome August.