29 Mar 2015

Lima's University of Engineering & Tech (UTEC) have created another fantastic billboard (after their 2013 success, that won them a Gold Lion at Cannes) to show how engineering can solve real-world problems. They wanted to promote that the university are accepting applications, so to reach their audience they actually solved a problem through engineering.

Their problem was that in the Bujama region of Peru, crops are irrigated with contaminated water from the local rivers, so UTEC grew crops and every weekend they gave away lettuce to people in the community that were pollution free, by using water captured by the air. They have so far produced 2,800 heads of lettuce, as well as 96 litres of drinking water all donated to the local people. It's amazing to see an ad helping so many people.


20 Mar 2015

The States United to Prevent Gun Violence set up this real-looking gun store in New York city and security filmed people as they came in looking to buy a gun. The results are very powerful; for you the viewer and especially for the customers in the store. We see the owner telling the customers the hidden costs of owning a gun and who the last owners were, with tags on the gun which tell the past history of the gun - including famous mass shootings and suicides.


15 Mar 2015

When I saw these ads for the first time I was really suprised by how much land really is in London. So these ads worked on me. They are beautifully crafted, with some good font choices to match the tiles, wood and fabric textures and I really like the idea of using the size of the ad as part of the messaging. Well done AMV BBDO.


11 Mar 2015

I wanted to share this new press and outdoor campaign for Cancer Council WA, that I worked on at Gatecrasher Advertising. It's currently running in ashel's at some of Perth's biggest train stations and it was also featured in Best Ads 'Seen and noted' section. Below is the piece and the info wrote about the campaign by Gatecrasher, that also featured TV and radio:

'The Cancer Council of WA has launched a new campaign designed to lend even more weight to the threat of smoking-related cancer. The 16 Cancers campaign, created by Gatecrasher Perth, is led by an emotive 45-second television commercial, and backed up by this print ad. It invites them to consider how smoking-related cancers might impact their lives in a variety of debilitating and severe ways. It comes as a new survey has revealed that less than a quarter of those asked (24%) could name more than two cancers caused by smoking. Among non-smokers, 61% could name one or two smoking-related cancers, while only 39% of smokers could do so without being prompted.' Gatecrasher bio about the campaign. 


6 Mar 2015

There is some great tech that can be used in digital billboards and WCRS and Women's Aid have used the facial recognition feature to get people to notice a strong message about domestic violence. You see a beaten woman on screen and when you pay attention to the ad the bruises and cuts heal faster, communicating the message of not turning a bling eye to the problem. I find it a strong idea that uses digital tech in an engaging way.

I knew I recognised the concept somewhere when I saw it today, as back in 2014 it won Ocean's Outdoor Art of Outdoor competition, the winning prize was for it to run and it's fantastic to see it live and spreading the message about domestic violence.


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5 Mar 2015

I few weeks ago I was asked by the WA News Corp team to talk at the launch of the Young Lions competition about my experiences of being a finalist last year (News Corp run the competition). So, yesterday morning I spoke at the event sharing my experiences, tips and also the work that won us the first round last year. 

Here are a couple of tips that I said in my talk, that will hopefully help you if you're entering this year:

1) Show your work to people around you. Show your CD, digital creatives, planners etc. It helped make our idea clearer.

2) Keep checking the brief, it's a big brief. I ticked off sections last year, "What we want you to cover" is an important section on the brief.

3) Keep beating your last idea, our idea changed two days before the deadline and look what happened.

4) Look at your work with the 20 team rule. (That is if 20 teams are set the same brief, how many of them would come up with the same idea?)

5) Craft the whole presentation. Keep the copy simple with short explanations.

And have fun. The last 2 national winners now have jobs at two of the biggest agencies in the world.

Here is a link to my work from last year and if you want to ask me anything about my experience please email me at: