30 Jan 2013

'The Drum' are running a competition in conjunction with 'The One Minute Briefs' asking the creative community to create a 'Britain is Shit' campaign. 

Here are my entries with Kat (a designer friend of mine). Please vote for ours.


25 Jan 2013

I watched this ad for the first time this morning, and it immediately deserved this weeks 'Ad of the Week'. It's well acted by Peter Stormare, who plays a tough guy that fills in for men, whilst the men can enjoy more Call of Duty game time. Well done 72andSunny.

The character reminded me a little of 'The Wolf' from Pulp Fiction. What do you think?


18 Jan 2013

This week I'm sharing a digital project/game by AKQA called '10 Minute Madness'. Do you remember last year there was 'Heineken Star Player', if you can't or haven't seen it yet, check it out first. This is again a real-time two-screen campaign to convert fans watching into gamers, it's for 'bwin' the online gambling company in conjunction with 'Euroleague' Basketball competition.

There's no videos yet, that I've found. But I'll update the post when one appears. It's a game where you predict, the team to win, which players will score, etc, whilst your watching a live game (in real time). You will win points for correct guesses and points mean prizes (including merchandise and VIP Courtside tickets) which will make it pretty competitive. It looks an ace game and it will be worth keeping my eye out for it.

I've just signed up to play one of the games. Sign up yourself at:


12 Jan 2013

I'm going to start sharing an ad that stands out for me each week. It might be something that you've missed or it deserves to be seen again. 

I know this ad has been around for a few weeks but it's so disgusting it has to be shared, it's very well executed and if I was a smoker I wouldn't want to pick one up again, you'll see:

Job well done DARE. I'd like to see how many people stopped smoking because of this ad, interesting thought.


10 Jan 2013

I've recently started reusing Flickr. I've added quite a lot over the last week including my favourite Instagram photographs, all my inspiring quotes and my illustrations (which if you haven't seen yet, go and see them now) and some photographs from my work shown twice in 'The Serco Prize of Illustration' at the London Transport Museum. Add me as a friend to keep updated with my photographs.

You can see my digital experiment too 'The deep fried broccoli poem'. The first page of the poem (below).


7 Jan 2013

To start the new year, I've got an inspiring quote for you.

Read the whole article about a lady called 'Stefani Germanotta' (Lady GaGa), it's a good read.