28 Nov 2013

As it's the start of December on Sunday, I thought it was ok to share a Christmas ad (they are everywhere anyway).
I really wanted to share the new ad for Harvey Nichols by Adam&Eve/DDB with a slightly different approach encouraging customers to be selfish and spend less on their family or partners and more on themselves with the great line 'Sorry I spent it on myself'. The reactions to the gifts are very well acted and the unconventional gifts are actually going to be sold in store from today too.


23 Nov 2013

This week I really wanted to share the Epic Split stunt for Volvo Trucks by Van Damme, but I thought as every creative newsletter/website has featured it, I'd share something else (here it is if you've missed it).

So I really love my tech and in a claimed world first campaign from British Airways, they have created this super cool interactive billboard in Piccadilly Circus, London. Basically all the planes from Heathrow that fly past it, trigger real-time data, featuring the flight number, destination and a weather feed too. With the line 'More flights to more destinations'.

So if you have a friend flying from Heathrow and you're in London, keep your eyes out for them.


15 Nov 2013

Sorry I missed posting last week's ad of the week, I've been away in Sydney, but I'm back now. I still feel it's too early to share a Christmas ad in November. Do you agree?

I instead wanted to share these 3D billboards done for PETA in China, created out of needles to show the pain animals go though to make a fur coats, jackets and shoes. A really strong campaign by Ogilvy China.