31 Mar 2020

Hello from lockdown. What a crazy world we live in. Sit back for 5 minutes and enjoy this month's Ad Picks. As you can imagine, Coronavirus ads feature quite heavily, I could almost have called it 'Ad Picks: The Coronavirus Edition'.

The first one this month is this billboard campaign I saw this morning, done by Miami Ad School. Some countries aren't following the rules of staying in as much as others, so they've come up with the Spoiler Billboards.

If people don't stay in, these billboards will ruin the endings of some of Netflix's best shows. I really hope Netflix picks this ups and runs with it.

This is another proactive ad for One Minute Briefs that the brand should run with. Especially how much free PR Guinness are getting from it. At least send the guy some Guinness.

Here's a break to step away from Coronavirus for 10 seconds. These ads bring together 2 of my favourite things: football and type. These beautifully crafted type posters bring these stats to life in a stunning way. Messi's stats are incredible.

Time for a stat shocker from this next piece.

They've created these screensavers to add to your phone to remind you that your phone could be another way to spread it. They look artistically scary. Clean your phone now people.

Add them to your phone by clicking here, if you're interested.

What's everyone's thoughts on the brands logo's doing social distancing? Some work better than others.

One of the best that isn't social distancing, instead swapping around the words is the NHS 'Don't send our NHS backwards', stay home now. Well done to the NHS and all the medical professionals around the world, you're doing an amazing job.

Hopefully we're all out of lockdown next month and things are slowly back to normal.

Stay safe.