27 Feb 2020

Welcome to February's Ad Picks. There has been a lot of good work released this month, so I've shared a couple more spots than usual for you to enjoy.

I feel you may have seen this spot for Jeep. I don't know if you've seen the full 1.45 version though, with even more gems. Persuading Bill Murray to star in his first ad would have been tough, but they couldn't have done it without him. Though the groundhog does steal the limelight, even over the impressive new Jeep.

'It's not personal, it's just a game' is my favourite line. How about yours?


Tesco, the UK supermarket giant have just released plasters for 3 skin tones. It integrates the product nicely in this simple headline driven ad, playing on what everyone thinks when they heard the news.

The next ad doesn't even show the product, which is a very hard sell to the client. Apart from the classic Coke Cola bottle and McDonalds arch's are there any other brand who can do ads like this?

We were all shocked when the NBA legend Kobe Bryant passed away at the end of January.

It's a pure graphic lead ad with audio clips from his career. I knew he was an NBA legend, I wasn't aware of some of these other impressive things he did before now, in this touching spot which came out on the day of his memorial.

This ad has been doing the rounds on every ad site last week, so I assume you've seen the video. The outdoor campaign promoting Burger Kings burgers have no artificial preservatives is extremely gross too and well crafted.

(I'm sorry if you're reading this over lunch).

I'll leave you this month with a crazy Skittles ad, that only this brand could do. This ad is promoting their yogurt covered Skittles. I would have loved to see the creatives present this idea to the client.