30 Jul 2019

This month I've selected 3 ads that stood out for me, please comment at the bottom if there's any ads that stood out for you this month. Enjoy.

The first is a funny campaign for Old Spice 'Never let a friend lose his swagger', this is the best of the 3 in the campaign where a mate is rescued from the Netflix style 'next episode starts in 5' button. They've hit their market well in this ad and it's certainly an ad I'd be sending onto a friend who's like this.

The McDonalds logo is used in many creative ways in the past and here is another fresh way showing diversity in a simple, creative way.

I'm pleased they didn't add the actual logo on, as it's not needed in this simple layout. The yellow background and product are the only things needed to help people along. I can see this picking up some awards over the next year.

Hats off to Paddy Power and Huddersfield Town for this one. They announced their new kit (as all clubs do around this time of year) with a huge PADDY POWER sash on it, a few newspapers and even the FA fell for this PR stunt. People saying it looked like a hens night sash on the kit.

They even wore the kit in one pre season match, which got the club into trouble with the FA, but it was probably worth it for how much free PR they got from it.

Then a few days later Paddy Power announced it was part of their 'Save our shirt' and their logo won't be on the shirt this year (I wish more football clubs had this, as some sponsor logos ruin the look of the kits).

See you next month.