21 Jul 2022

Hi, I'm sharing a few ads that have caught my eye over the last couple of months.

Time to check your privacy settings on your phone. This iPhone ad brings to life the scary realities in an auction settings, making you really aware that there are people out there bidding for your data.

QR codes are now on everything after the rise of them with COVID check in's and after phones cameras finally integrated them. They have their place and when used correctly they work well, but don't just stick them on as an after though. This is a great creative example of the right use of them, integrating it into the ad.

A beautiful crafted print ad for Guinness, it doesn't even need a line. I like how the 'Guinness' logo is designed into the layout.

This cheeky stunt for Ribena around the Jubilee made me laugh, using Harry and Megan lookalikes.

What stood out for you over the last couple of months?