23 Dec 2021

I'm getting my last Ad Picks in for the year before the break. I've picked out my favourite Christmas ads this year (they all seem to come out at the start of November now) and a gaming spot too.

Amazon Prime ads are always worth keeping an eye out for, they're always really engaging, hit insights brilliantly and most of all enjoyable. This is their 2021 Christmas ad 'An unlucky friendship' where a zoo night worker becomes friends with a laughing hyena. 

At first I thought it's a very intresting animal choice, but it's a brilliant decision. I bet it would have been a hard animal to sell into the client.

I wasn't a fan of the John Lewis spot this year. Instead I loved this Coca Cola one. It felt a lot more real and in the Christmas spirit. 

I really enjoy making things out of cardboard with my son, the other day using an empty wrapping paper tube to make part of a great race track for a Hot Wheels car. I'll give this a go when I get more boxes next year.

This last spot is the odd one out, but I was worth sharing.

When you play Call of Duty and get peckish, where do you eat with getting shot? Heinz identified hidden spots on the map to snack, if this takes off they won't be safe anymore. Eat with no defeat is a great line too.

Have a great Christmas and New Year. See you next year.