28 Oct 2021

Welcome to Ad Picks. I write these to share ads that have stood out to me and made me laugh, smile or even cry. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Lego are known for their people to have the same sized arms and classic legs forever. The Canadian Paralympic committee have created this expansion pack, 20 custom pieces that suit every set that you can 3D print. I'm surprised this hasn't been done and I'd love to see Lego add this to their sets in the future. It makes everyone feel a lot more equal.

Trying to kill your partner/farther for his life insurance, 100% illegal, but 100% funny and well done.

A simple and clever type print ad I spotted today, that I had to share as it points to one of my favourite sayings 'Keep it simple stupid'.

I remember as a kid doing an activity at Scouts, that you had blindfold yourself to experience what it's like to be blind. It was pretty scary and I remember it well, really struggling to find items. I can't imagine what it's like to go shopping blind. This ad raises awareness in a clever creative pop up store.

I catch you in a couple of months for the last one of this year. Then we'll be in 2022.