31 Jan 2017

Welcome to my new monthly posting 'Ad Picks'.

So what is it?
Well, every month I'm going to write an article with a few ads that have caught my eye. I'm aiming at sharing ones that you may have missed or just love seeing again.

So here is my first month - January.

Malteasers - Outdoor
This adshel caught my eye when I saw it on Best Ads, mainly from the simplicity of it and the nice use of Malteasers for World Braille day. What do you think it says?

The Dyslexic Captcha - Interactive
I'm dyslexic and was lucky when I was younger that mine was discovered early, so I got the help I needed and now I'm a lot better. So this ad stood out for me.

This hospital in India took photographs of dyslexic kids handwriting to create a captcha (the boxes on websites that ask you to copy the numbers into box) to raise awareness and the signs to look out for, for the parents.

It's a very nice use of the different mediums and I hope it helped many dyslexic children be diagnosed.

The Association for Safer Driving - Online
Over 80% of accidents are caused by people using their phone whilst driving and with people ignoring ads, the association of safer driving in Israel had to get through to people. They used a famous vlogger and created a real car crash in one of her videos.

It would have definitely caught people off guard and the message hits hard.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share with your friends. Keep your eyes out for the February one towards the end of the month.