26 Feb 2021

Welcome to 2021.

I always find Christmas ads are over shared, so I skipped December Ad Picks. The good ones went viral and you would have seen them. The bad ones can stay in their Christmas crackers.

It's a strong start to the year, with the first few from the Super Bowl.

I'm a dad of a nearly 2 year old and this ad has really hit home for me from Huggies touching upon a lot of those perfectly timed moments. From what I've seen online, it's got their target market hooked like me.

The Jason Alexander Hoodie for Tide is very simple and effective. The printed face on he hoodie changes throughout the ad as the teen keeps wearing it as he keeps getting it dirtier and dirtier.

'Imagine if Alexa had a human body' they'd say getting the client excited on the concept. 

It's a very well cast and directed spot for the Alexa Amazon device. I've watched it a few times and it makes me laugh, the jealous husband adds a nice touch.

Sport has gone crazy with sponsorship selling every placement under the sun. With so many logos it's hard to stand out.

Rexona deodorant have knocked out the competition with their tick logo under the cricket umpire's armpit for the recent Big Bash T20 tournment. When the umpire gave a wicket (finger up) or a six (2 arms up in the arm) you see this perfectly placed logo. 

I actually saw it whilst watching the Big Bash before this case study video showed up. It's a 'six' from me.

Flybuys is an Australian loyalty scheme for grocery shopping, airlines and other items too. People love getting points and discounts.

This new spot takes a sometimes boring space and makes it cool. It reminds me of Mike Skinner from the Streets song.

Do you 'give a flybuys?'

See you for March/April Ad Picks soon.