26 Feb 2019

Welcome to February's Ad Picks.

I want to start this month with a new Nike Italy spot from W&K London, it's a fast paced ad with one of the best music tracks in an ad I've seen in a while. The track carries along awesome footage with some interesting transitions between each scene (the football one is great).

I felt like I had to watch this ad back to back to take the whole ad in.

It was also the month of the Super Bowl. I felt none of the ads topped previous years ads. I enjoyed the Hyundai ad with Jason Bateman, the Amazon spot and I thought the HBO with Bud Light was clever with the upcoming Game of Thrones Season.

But I felt Skittles had the most fun with 'Broadway the Rainbow', I really hope it does become a Broadway show. I'm not sure if it's as good last years though, when they made a movie and only showed it to one person. What was your favourite Super Bowl ad this year?

You have to read this long copy ad for Refuge in the UK about domestic violence. Read it first from top to bottom, then read it from bottom to top. It's incredibly well written and engaging enough to read the whole thing twice.

I wanted to leave you with a fun spot that will make you smile. I reckon when the creative team presented this to the client they just said 2 phases  - Pimp my ride and cute pets.

See you in March.