24 Feb 2022

Hello 2022.

I'm a big fan of Bluey, having watched multiple kids cartoons with my son. It's one of the funniest and most engaging for kids and adults. Air bnb have created the actually house as a listing to stay in, It's more than just advertising, love it.

Sadly it booked up very fast, but it's fun reading the listing check it out here.

Jon Hamm not being on Apple TV and persuading him to be in an ad promoting it and telling you who is on it, well done. It's engaging and putting the product first and foremost throughout the whole ad without feeling forced.

This is going to hurt, is a book you must read. It's the stories of a junior doctor in the UK working 97 hour weeks, from gory to hilarious stories, you won't put it down. 

The BBC in the UK have just put it on our screens, to promote it they have created this billboard with Doctors pagers (I hope not real active ones though).

My favourite Super Bowl ad this year goes to GM Motors bringing back Dr Evil. I love Austin Powers and to bring back the key cast in this way was great to see. 

Sometimes when ads bring back actors replaying previous roles it can feel a bit forced and they've aged a bit too much for it, but this was fun.

I hope you enjoyed it and checked out some ads you may have not seen yet.


9 Feb 2022

Taking a completely fresh approach to skin cancer prevention, this campaign is based on the theme ‘Two sides of the Sun’. It leverages the insight that the sun has a positive and nurturing side when the UV is below 3, but when it’s 3 or above, its damaging and destructive side takes over.


Client: SunSmart

Agency: Gatecrasher Advertising, Perth 

Creative Directors: Adam Barker, Lori Canalini

Senior Art Director: Henry Billington

Copywriter: Adam Barker

Production company: Stir Fry Content Kitchen

Producer: Anouk Ratnawibhushana

Director: Matt Pitcher

DOP: Ross Metcalf