27 Feb 2023

There's been some brilliant ads to start the year, let's jump straight into Ad Picks 2023.

This is a very clever medium for a car ad. Don't use big billboards like everyone else, use little ones only you reserving camera will pick up, It's a place you always look at too (I hope).

This Super Bowl for GM Motors made me laugh, Will Ferrell in a role he was born to play. There are some very clever moments, including Stranger Things. I loved the zombie bite connecting the start and end of the spot.

An ad asking people to make an ad? Intresting right? 

This mobile phone company in New Zealand did exactly that, for the many people who want to get their voice onto radio. They called up a number and left a message reading out the copy from the billboard. Each billboard had specific messaging as per location.

'Squarespace a website that makes websites' is brilliant. A Matrix feeling spot with Adam Driver. I liked the grade and the whole feeling of the spot.

The Yellow stickers on supermarket food show that it's been reduced, what do you make with all of these random bits of food? Some people can only afford these items. This company has created an app cookbook, scanning these barcodes will give you recipe suggestions, smart.

I can see this really making a difference.

This French spot is over 2 minutes. but how this story plays out it's pretty much a short film and it's worth it in the end for Canal +.