27 Jul 2020

The last couple of months have gone super fast, so I've merged June and July's Ad Picks. Enjoy.

This first spot has the best music track I've heard for ages on an ad. It feels like a Wes Anderson spot, rather than tucking away the brands hero yellow colour, bringing it to the forefront. It's a different perspective from previous AA car breakdown cover ads and I love it.

This print campaign is beautifully simple. Not need for any explanation. I'm sure we'll see it popping up a lot on the awards circuit over the next year.

Paddy Power ads always make me laugh and this is another good one. If you saw how Liverpool fans celebrated when they won the title during COVID, it was crazy. 

They put fans in human hamster wheels, to keep them social distanced. I love the guy celebrating with his beer and getting absolutely covered in it.

I enjoyed the tone in this next one for KFC France. Our deal on Tuesday is so good, you won't want to eat much the day before. I would like to know if anyone took them up on their other offers.

I'll leave you with this cute spot for London Zoo. A lot of the zoo's are struggling for funding without people attending and their running costs are still the same. The zoo enlisted some famous British comedians to voice the animals to spread the messaging in a positive and engaging manner.

Bill Bailey was my favourite (the monkeys hair helped with it a little too).

I hope you enjoyed this months Ad Picks, see you next month.