31 May 2018

Welcome back to May's Ad Picks. There were a lot of great ads this month, so the ones I've decided to share really stuck with me.

Instagram stories seem to be getting more and more popular. This piece for Burger King uses Instagram polls in stories to create your order. It's a nice use of the technology, that I haven't seen used in this way before.

The case study is a good length too, with an engaging start that caught my attention.

This is the 2nd football ad I'm sharing this month, as the world cup nears. I was weighing up which one to share, it was between this ad for the FA Cup or a video announcing the England world cup squad in a different way, check out the second one here (I wish all of England's future squad announcements were like this).

But I decided to share this case study for these radio spots for the FA Cup. The FA Cup is the world's longest running football competition and there are many fond memories of the tournament over the years. They created 90 different radio spots, 1 for each minute of the match, each one telling a story of a different minute in the tournament's history.

These spots really get across the vast history in a intresting way and creating 90 spots is impressive, each one standing alone and as part of the bigger campaign too.

The last piece this month is a print ad for a budget airline. This is a great way to show the human truth, that beaches on holidays are always packed around weekends. Even the busy scenes have been really thought out.

It will make people think again about booking their next holiday around weekends. I can see Air Asia really capitalising on this as they have a lot of cheap flights mid week.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this month's Ad Picks and if there are any other ads that stood out for you this month please share below.