28 Jun 2019

Hello. Let's get cracking into June's Ad Picks.

Apple have realised this cool new spot for their AirPods called 'Bounce' just the other day.

This black and white spot transforms everyday walls, cars and pavements into trampolines. It's directed and shot in such a sleek and interesting way. I'm sure you'll keep seeing this video all over the internet from now.

I loved the Simpsons as a kid (I still do), I remember watching the Simpsons every day after school. So now that you can buy the items from their living room, OMG. Genius IKEA.

Are you watching the women's world cup? I've been watching parts of it and it's excellent (not on the sofa above unfortunately).

Lucozade sport have done one of the best world cups ads in my opinion, with their version of the song 'football's coming home', being spoken in this poetic style ad. It's challenging and exciting.

The English women probably have a better chance of winning it than the Men's team too.

This ad for NZ lotto had me hooked from the start telling the story of a flight attendant who lost her ticket while away from her family. Very well casted and directed. Another cracker from NZ.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching June's ad picks. See you next month.