28 Nov 2022

Quite a few good ads that have caught my eye these last few months, enjoy.

With agencies sometimes creating ads just to win awards, this ad sums it up brilliantly. The 'Left-handed mango chutney' plays with this in a dinner party scene. 

My favourite bit is he only sold 6 jars, his wife buying 4. But he did get 12 billion impressions, brand engagement by 112% and won the Grand Prix. 

More ads should be done tackling this, I'm laughing even thinking about it.

FYP is a music video for Durex, getting more people to use them. I reckon this will get a lot of shares for the right audience too. It's a very Lonely Island style video (I'm on a boat and more).

A true love story in this one for Volvo trucks, who are back with a fun spot. 

The craft in every aspect of this ad is beautiful, for an Insurance company too, it really stands out.

Inployable, is bigger than just this spot creating a recruitment drive for employers to give people with down syndrome a chance. I fondly remember Tuck in Ozark and thought how great it was to get more down syndrome roles in TV and film too.

Virtual beauty isn't real, the representation is lacking. Dove with their 'Real Beauty' campaigns have created real characters based off real people in the spot. Gaming companies should take note.

A very clever use of media, putting these spots right at the end of a popular Murder Mystery TV show in New Zealand. They added an extra scene with the same actors who died in that episode, wishing they had life insurance. 

A good spot to end it this time too, I hope you enjoyed these spots as much as I did.

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