30 Mar 2018

Welcome to March's Ad Picks.

This month I'm starting with this outdoor campaign for McDonald's, using cropped in sections of the famous golden arches to make up direction signs to the nearest restaurant. It is beautifully simple and a clever use of the logo.

More brands are creating products rather than ads these days and now Lacoste have joined in. Known for it's famous Crocodile logo, they have swapped the croc for 10 threatened species, so you can help save them and get a trendy polo at the same time. It's great to see a brand like Lacoste support this growing issue.

This entertaining spot for iPhone X uses the one single benefit - Face ID and exaggerates it to the extreme with this lady who discovers she can unlock anything.

The last ad I'm sharing this month is a print ad for WWF, showing what can get lost in forest fires in this extremely well crafted ad. I can see this doing well in awards shows.

Let me know how long it takes for you to spot the elephant.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this month's Ad Picks and Happy Easter.


19 Mar 2018

One day each year Transperth staff dress up to raise funds for Radio Lollipop, a kid's charity that provides comfort, care and play for children in hospital. Leading up to this year's event we created this fun decal on buses around Perth.

Agency: Gatecrasher
Client: Transperth
Photographer/CGI: Luke Carter Wilton