29 Jan 2012

Earlier today I was in the Birmingham Bullring shopping centre, when I saw this huge ambient stunt from Cadbury. They had created this huge chocolate fountain, which had a mile long que to have a picture taken by it, and by the time I had left their were tons of people surrounding it too.

It was a lovely idea and it was extremely well executed. With a lovely give away too, a note stylised for 35 beans off any Cadbury chocolate bars, making it the price it was a long long time ago.


26 Jan 2012

This evening I was watching the Augmented Reality (AR) t-shirt demo on youtube (which I illustrated the robot on the front, a while back now), and it had over 38,510 views on youtube, I know I've watched it a few times but not that much. So a huge thanks if you're the one of thousands who has watched it and if you haven't watched it yet here it is:


22 Jan 2012

I saw this and I had to post it. It's such a true fact that I use and remind myself off every week. The whole article is definitely worth a read, it's not too long either. The article I found it in, is well worth a read.


15 Jan 2012

Over the week I've been updating a clients website which I designed, branded and built their website - Eat that Elephant, just under a year ago. I felt it needed a secondary colour added, rather than just the previous white and maroon red which I've kept in the design. See below a few screenshots or you can take a look yourself at:


6 Jan 2012

A few months ago a saw this scrolling feature on a friends website, and I felt it would really help my website. I did a bit of research and found out how to do it.
So over my Christmas holiday in between eating, drinking and sleeping I found the feature (JQuery horizontal scoller) as an already working code and tweaked it to my requirements and I've just uploaded it to my site today. 

It now means that as soon as you move your mouse to the right hand side of my work pages, it will automatically slide along to reveal more of my work.

See what you think. Either on the Illustration page

or the Art Direction page.