26 Feb 2017

Welcome back to February's edition of Ad Picks. 

The month started with one of the biggest come backs ever in the NFL grand final. I was going to share one of the ads, but with so many articles already out there about them, I decided to share some ads you may have missed that I also enjoyed.

The first is a massive creative campaign for Mailchimp (the email marketing client), who have had problems with people mispronouncing it e.g FailChimp. So Droga5 played on that fact and created loads of different content from music videos to short films of its different mispronunciations.

The content is fun and they picked some clever mispronunciation that still linked back to the brand and even if people didn't think of Mailchimp and were interested in e.g SnailPrimp and googled it, it would say 'did you mean mailchimp?'

The next one I wanted to share was for crisp brand Tostitos.

When people go out for a beer or two they don't realise they are over the limit until it's too late. So Tostitos created these special crisp packs for bars that have a little hole to blow into and a graphic on the pack lights up to show them clearly if they are over the limit. This idea is a clever use of their packet and it will help save lives too, making it even better.

This last one isn't so much an ad, but it's a very fun Trump website. You can type in whatever you want him to say (to a certain level) and it finds snippets of him saying those words from different speeches and puts it together. Check it out: http://trumpwith.love

I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll share with your friends. Please keep your eyes out for the March one towards the end of the month.


15 Feb 2017

I've just added two new campaigns to my website and I've also shared them with you below.

The first one is an outdoor campaign for Livelighter to start a conversation: why are major sporting events like the Olympics being sponsored by junk food and sugary drink brands? Thanks to the very talented team at Cream Studios

The second piece is a print campaign to recruit more St John Ambulance Volunteers. We highlighted the fact that St. John Ambulance volunteers play a big part in their communities by providing life saving services and learning new skills to develop their careers. Thanks to the photographers Thom Perry and Sam Passante.