30 Sept 2018

Welcome to September's Ad Picks. I've got 3 spots to share with you this month.

The first one is a fantastic use of social media, using Facebook's facial recognition software. Facebook have recently updated it, so it now shows you photos you may be in, that friends or mutual friends have uploaded.

This Missing Persons group have created profiles for missing people, so if you add the profiles or if your friend has and one of the people have been snapped in the background somewhere in the world, it shares it. It could help save someone.

This is what Amazon Alexa doesn't show you. This smart house video shows exactly
what can go wrong with the cool tech. How often would this happen, I'm not sure, but it's a very fun watch.

The New York public library have transformed some of the greatest stories ever told into fun Insta Novels. The illustrations and even the case study are very well crafted. They would be a fantastic read for the people on the go and I hope the library keep creating them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this month's Ad Picks. See you next month.


29 Sept 2018

I've recently been working on this new campaign created at Gatecrasher for Perth Zoo to help promote there Dinosaur exhibition (which is now open).

15 second teaser cinema


Canning Bridge Outdoor.
This piece was also selected as runner up to the best outdoor work on BestAds - check it out here

Agency: Gatecrasher Advertising
Client: Perth Zoo
CGI: Cameron Aitkenhead
Retoucher: Jade Foo