28 Jun 2021

My push-up challenge is done and next up is writing this edition of Ad Picks.

Guinness is a bit like Coke or McDonalds, they own those colours. This simple, but very clever ad showing things around with the world with the black and white colours.

I'm loving these ads that are making history and getting things added into computer games. A great example from last year or so was Burger King sponsoring Stevenage F.C. So their logo was within the FIFA game. People where winning the Champions League with a team in the fourth division. 

Now a player destined for glory, who got tragely lost his life in 2006 to knife crime has been added into FIFA for QPR. JD Sports are part behind this with his charity his family setup. 

Keep and eye out for him next time you play and spread this story.

5G build for gamers, this is a slightly longer ad, but I wanted to share it with all of the awesome visual tricks they've used. All of the lagging and disappearing backgrounds in games that we used to see in the past. 4G surely wasn't this bad though?

I hope you enjoyed reading this Ad Picks. Please let me know if there's anything that caught your eye this month.


3 Jun 2021

This month I'm embarking on the push-up challenge, 3.318 push ups over 25 days for mental health.

I find mental health is getting talked a lot more than it used too, but still not enough. 

I've had to battles with my mind and mental health and seeked help. I found talking to someone really helped me, rather than fighting the same thoughts. I've shared some helpfully assets that have helped me a lot.

If you'd like to donate to support Lifeline WA and mental health, I'd really appreciate it. Click here to donate.


Headspace app - I used this as one of the first apps when I originally started mediations. It's got a great interface, Andy who trained as a monk has a fantastic voice and they these engaging simple animations. It's now even got a Netflix mini series. Paid subscription (keep an eye out for discounts though), a few of the first tracks are free to try it out.

Calm app - Again a very popular one, a whole mix of mediations. I love the walking ones and sleep time stories. Paid subscription, but with some free content.

Insight Timer app - Loads of amazing content and longer mediations. Mostly free, there is an option of mini courses that is a paid subscription.

Pause app - A very simple graphic app with a great ground technique.

What's up app - A text based app with simple easy to follow tips to control your busy mind.

Centr app - I use this app every day for recipes, mediation and workouts (not working out every day). Paid subscription. I found it when gyms shut last year and it's really my focus. It has a great popular Facebook community group who support each other too.

There are lots of other great workout apps out there, I've just found this interface and content invaluable.


Introduction to mindfulness and mediation course - I've done a couple of their courses in Perth (Australia wide too) and I loved learning about the different mindfulness techniques. Click here to check out there upcoming courses.

Eric Harrison - Now retired, I was lucky enough to do one of his workshops. He has some fantastic books and some great mediations, I use his walking mediations regularly. He has some of his assets and more information on his site. Link here.

Mediation Hub Perth - I haven't been here or used it. But it's got a lot going on in this space, if you're keen to find out more. Link here.


The Happiness Trap - I'm reading this book right now and it has some great grounding techniques, an easy read.

Hope some of these links help you, like it's helped me. Of course there are great charities like Lifeline and Headspace if you ever need them they are there to help you get through this.

Please comment below, if there's any apps or books that have helped you.