31 Oct 2017

Welcome to September's edition of Ad Picks.

This month I've got a few pieces that will hopefully bring you a smile.

Warburtons bread have enlisted Peter Kay trying to pitch a new TV period drama to Jonathan Warburton in his office. Even though it's a few minutes long, it's very funny and it gets the product info spot on, without forcing it in. You'll want to rewatch it a couple of times.

I spotted these and I know they are only for a camera repair shop in Ireland. The illustrations are very well crafted and it's funny to think how we take photographs has changed so much.

Everyone knows kids can be fussy eaters, so the V&A Museum of Childhood have created the world's first interactive edible exhibition. They involved a creative food company to make up some new food creations out of fruit and veg. Even the ads were edible.

My favourite is the bubbles made out of vegetables. What's yours?

As it's Halloween today, I wanted to share an ad for today that caught my eye.

If you hate clowns, I wouldn't go anywhere near a Burger King on Halloween. As they are giving free whoppers to people dressed as clowns. They have even got a jibe in the ad with Ronald McDonald wanting a whopper.

Happy Halloween.