30 May 2020

I hope you've enjoyed reading my Ad Picks, as much as I enjoy writing them during COVID and beyond. It's time to sit down with a cuppa (or a beer) and enjoy May's Ad Picks.

Coors beer are having a lot of fun with all the Zoom, Teams, Skype... backgrounds in meetings. They've created a virtual background of yourself, so you can go and get a beer during a boring meeting and no one will know.

Your repeated background will have you nodding and even smiling, just make sure you don't agree to do all the bad assignments without you knowing.

Who doesn't like eggs right? This brightly coloured illustration video with fun animation and a catchy tune to make people eat more eggs is something to smile at. It's well crafted and kept me hooked for the whole 2 minutes (not many ads do this at the moment).

Burger King have brought social distancing to their stores reopening in a new light with them reimagining their famous crowns. I'd love to get my hand on one of these and I just hope the agency haven't just created these 2 for awards purposes.

People are loving jigsaw puzzles right now, but here's one you still wouldn't have completed by the time the next pandemic comes along from Heinz.

I've seen a few clever missing people campaigns trying to be seen without being invasive.

This is another clever one for missing children in Korea. It uses packaging tape in offices and post offices, so the possible spread of the campaign is massive. I hope this can help families find their missing children. I can see this being well awarded next year.

See you in June.