29 Nov 2023

Here's a new Ad Picks, with some ads that caught my eye over the last few months +

The use of Ai tech is getting better and better. I use it almost everyday in programs like Photoshop, that adds a new level to what you can do.

France did this spot for women's football, tricking you to think it was men playing, but in fact it women.

Imagine googling first aid in an hour of need and getting shown an ad. Well, this is here to help. I really hope it breaks through.

Hoyts Cinema launched this new campaign, playing with the thought that people watch movies nowadays on devices they weren't originally meant to be viewed on. Simple, but effective communication.

I really like the use of graphics in this spot for Instagram, they stuck with me as a treatment. It really carries the story and draws me in. I'm sure I will use this as a reference for clients in the future on how to treat graphics.

Bravo to the craft in this spot. You don't see this level in craft, so it should be appreciated for every little bit for detail. I've always wanted a house with hidden doorways, perhaps not this small though.

One of the quirkiest spots I've ever posted, but I can't get it out of my head. 'As close as you can get to the concert' for a brand new TV. This is best spot of the campaign, but the others are worth a look too if you enjoyed it.

Telsta a telecommunications provider in Australia, did this fun spot supporting local AFL clubs, after the team bus breaks down who do they call? The direction has got many moments with a whole range of characters that make you smile. I've watched this multiple times every time I see it, I can't say that about many ads.

Hope to see you again soon.

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