30 Sept 2011

It's been an exciting month. Here are a few things I've been up to.

My first TV work ran: TV Idents for ITV's 71 Degrees North. You can watch the idents below. The show is now on the ITV player too, we edited versions of the indents.

I went back to London for the weekend of the 17th September. To a yearly called 'Open House', its where hundreds of buildings all over London are opened up to the public to explore, its a must.

Here are a some of my best bits.
A school in which an architect has developed a few buildings/classrooms in a West London School. The changes had gained so much respect from the kids in a tough schooling area.

There was also Richard Rogers the architects offices by the Thames in Hammersmith, they had some beautifully offices and some even better free brownies. The last one we visited was an architect who had opened his own house to the public, to promote himself. Which succeed with hundreds of people viewing it over the weekend, a fantastic self promotion idea. One to keep in mind architects.

There is an overwhelming list of what's on every year. But if you live in London there will be a building near you somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled.

I had a check back on my augmented reality t-shirt I did over a year ago now, and saw the video has racked up 36,077 views, which delighted me. 
Here's the video below if your interested in seeing it in action. You can still buy it too if you like it:

I'm currently in the progress of adding my ads to my art direction page, and as you've seen I've started to add some regular features (this as one) to my blog.

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