2 Dec 2011

I thought I'd share a few illustration links with you that I've found recently (any links that you find that are similar please share in my comment box below).

V&A Illustration Awards

I discovered this a few years ago through the Guardian's art section, and went to check it out, when I finally found it (it's a little hidden at the back of the V&A). I was amused to see some high profile illustrators such as Sara Fanelli displayed there, with many others. Anyone can enter if the work has been published or if you're a student, one bit that helps a lot is that it's free to enter. I've entered it a couple of times, with no success yet. The Illustrator who won last year was a guy called Oliver Kugler His work is all hand drawn reportage and portraits. I actually found out about him whilst at University and emailed him about his illustration technique, he got back to me and I mentioned him in an essay of mine, small world. 

Check it out, and good luck:

100 Day Drawing Project

I found this interesting project which I'm going to start soon called the '100 day drawing project'. Simple, draw one picture from the list every day. When I start I'll be recording my drawings on my blog every day. 

Try it out yourself:

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