3 Feb 2013

It's that day in the year again, the biggest budget ads in the world are created with a most ridiculous media spend too.

To be honest I don't really like American Football, it's extremely stop start and I won't be staying up all night tonight to watch it. But from an advertising perspective you can see some lovely work (well it should be with a budget like that). This year the VW work is nice, but only nice, it's not as good as the last two years that set a benchmark. Snickers carries on with 'You're not you when you're hungry' that I've enjoyed and are very amusing, they have recruited Robin Williams as a football coach for this one, thumbs up. But my ad of the week goes too....

...Doritos. I saw this ad a few weeks ago when the 5 amateur directors winners shortlisted was announced (Doritos had asked amateur directors to 'Crash the Super Bowl' with the winner being played at the Super Bowl). It isn't a new idea of getting people to crowdsource the campaign and sometimes its worked better than others. But the shortlist was great and the winner is hilarious. After you've watched it, watch it back and spot the bits you might have missed the first time.

See the other 5 finalist. Would this one be your winner?

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