28 Mar 2013

An Easter edition had to be done and I've just got off playing it: Tesco's new game #FindtheEggs which brings a traditional easter egg hunt into an interactive world (Google maps in this case) in a fun and playful way.

Last year I saw a campaign from M&M, which used Google maps in this hunt game style, so it's not a new concept, but where Tesco succeed and I felt M&M failed is giving smaller easy prizes to win as well as a big prize. Tesco have got eggs hidden all of the country, and if you find 3 (it only takes a minute or two) it gives you a free chocolate bunny (which you'll have to pick up in store via emailing you a voucher, nice data capture Tesco). There's also a sweet touch after you've claimed your prize, you can drop some eggs for your friends and others to find too.

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