26 Aug 2013

I just missed last week, sorry for it being a day late. I arrived in Perth late last week after a day of traveling and at first I had to remind myself what day it was, losing a day to traveling.

I was so tempted to share the new Nike ad (if you haven't seen it, watch it here) as it is fantastic and the budget, wow. But I thought as it's on every other website. So last week's ad of the week involves Vine. Airbnb are asking for your help to make the first ever Vine film. First follow @airbnb on Twitter to discover your shot list, you'll then need to vine/film what the tweet is and at the end of it all, Airbnb will make a film which will premiere on the Sundance Channel. It reminds me of the crowdsourced 'Life in a Day' film using clips from YouTube. But this limits you to 6 seconds, which I think will help, as you don't really have an excuse not to do it, as it's only 6 seconds.

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