20 Dec 2014

I found out last week one of my illustrations (To Tower Bridge and Beyond) is being exhibited and sold, in this pop up shop in Carnaby Street in London. It's called We Built This City, with their mission being:

"We thought it was high time souvenirs got an art-designed makeover! By setting up shop in the heart of London's West End. we're offering everyone - from the first visitor to established city dweller - the chance to take home a unique and lasting piece of London, whilst supporting our talented homegrown artistes and designers at he same time'

It's exciting to see my work displayed and this piece has been successful for me, with it now being in it's third exhibition.

My illustration is the blue one of tower bridge and the many boats. It's dead centre.

If you can't make it down there, Evermade.com sell the print on my behalf.

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