30 Aug 2019

Welcome to August Ad Picks. I've got 5 crackers for you this month, enjoy.

Filming ads from a different perspective is interesting to watch and this one is from a dog. You'll watch it waiting for something to happen and you will be surprised in the end.

I never knew this fact, I don't want to give it away, so watch it now.

I'm loving the cricket at the moment and 2 very distinctive UK and Australia brands have weighed in too with the rivalry. Marmite and Vegemite have been running ads in the UK press poking fun at each other.

I have to give it the poms with this sandpaper ad 'Love it or hate it. We won't be tampering with it'.

The IKEA catalogue is one of the most popular catalogues in the world, probably more read than most books too. This spot will bring a smile to your face introducing you to the IKEA catalogue guru who can fix peoples problems by naming page numbers from it.

I want to get hold of the new catalogue to cross reference all the little gems in this ad.

From the laughter to this serious message about domestic violence. There are multiple silent movies where women are abused by men, I was shocked to know there were so many.

ANAIS in Romania have added real women's abuse stories over this footage and have created a 40 minute movie to unsilence these violent scenes. It's a very powerful idea and it got a media coverage it deserved.

I'll leave you with this stunning visual that stood out for me from Thailand. I wouldn't to drive on this road though. See you in September.

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