8 Mar 2012

Last week I was art directing a filming/photoshoot for an idea of mine and my creative partner Nicola, for a campaign for Ford Accident Management service, which includes a promotional video and press ads. Over the course of two days and four separate locations, with Paul Griffin (director) and Ian Winstanley (photographer/DOP), who brought our idea  to life. With the help of three great actors/actress and me as an extra too.

The video is split screen, with the right hand side of the screen being quite busy, cutting to three different scenes throughout the video. With the left hand side, being one scene throughout, of a man relaxing at home. I'll share the video and press ads when they run. Paul is currently editing all the footage together which is looking great, exciting times.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures I managed to take.

Day one - AM
Here is the first location of the first day, which is a call centre, one of the busy scenes for the right hand side of the video.

Day one - PM
We spent the afternoon in a garage, our second scene for the right hand side of the video.

Day two - AM
The next day, we were on a drive way for the third scene for the right hand side of the video. I had a little cameo role in the film, here I am with the photographer Ian.

Day two - PM
We finished the second and last day of filming in the directors and photographers studio, where they had built this fantastic set for our living room scene (the left hand side scene of the man relaxing).

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