10 Mar 2012

Just before I started at Palmer Hargreaves, I established a brief, to ‘write a poem about broccoli’. I then created ‘The Deep Fried Broccoli’, a poem I wrote and then created using actual broccoli. I used Flickr’s arrangement options to create a gallery from a new perspective. 

I recently heard that Flickr are going to be changing their picture arrangement viewings, I'm not sure to what yet, but it might destroy the layout. So I've recreated it in Pinterest, the ever growing social site (if you aren't on it yet, join now. It's invite only still, so give me a tweet and I'll send you an invite). 

To view the poem for yourself you'll need to have 5 picture squares across and then just scroll down and enjoy. Follow me too whilst you're there, as I'll be experimenting with the picture layout options soon.

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