5 Mar 2015

I few weeks ago I was asked by the WA News Corp team to talk at the launch of the Young Lions competition about my experiences of being a finalist last year (News Corp run the competition). So, yesterday morning I spoke at the event sharing my experiences, tips and also the work that won us the first round last year. 

Here are a couple of tips that I said in my talk, that will hopefully help you if you're entering this year:

1) Show your work to people around you. Show your CD, digital creatives, planners etc. It helped make our idea clearer.

2) Keep checking the brief, it's a big brief. I ticked off sections last year, "What we want you to cover" is an important section on the brief.

3) Keep beating your last idea, our idea changed two days before the deadline and look what happened.

4) Look at your work with the 20 team rule. (That is if 20 teams are set the same brief, how many of them would come up with the same idea?)

5) Craft the whole presentation. Keep the copy simple with short explanations.

And have fun. The last 2 national winners now have jobs at two of the biggest agencies in the world.

Here is a link to my work from last year and if you want to ask me anything about my experience please email me at:

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